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Raymond Adams, 1915-1994


Raymond Adams, son of Perry and Rhoda (Eitterman) Adams, was born on 11 Dec 1915 in Evergreen Twp., Montcalm Co., Michigan. He reported that he was born in a house at the northeast corner of Sidney and Vickeryville Roads. By the time of his father's death in 1917 (just before Ray's second birthday) his parents were living in the tenant house of Rhoda's parents on Holland Lake Rd. north of Sheridan. Ray probably lived there with his mother and older half-brother, George Sebring, until Rhoda re-married in June 1920 when Ray was four years old (although Ray was the only child of Perry and Rhoda, he had two half-siblings from Rhoda's first marriage, and two half-siblings from Rhoda's third marriage). Below are photos of Ray when he was a young boy (in the second photo he is with his aunt, Madia Eitterman):

Raymond Adams

Madia and

Below is Ray (on left) with Madia; and his older half-brother, George Sebring; and younger half-brother, Dail Philips:

Madia, George, Ray, and Dail

Below is Ray with his grandfather, George Eitterman:

George Eitterman and Raymond

Below is Ray with a chicken:

Raymond Adams

After Ray's mother married Maurice Philips in 1920 they moved to a farm just north of Vickeryville (this is where they still lived when Ray dated Anna). Apparently the Vickeryville school only went to 10th grade so Ray rented a room near Carson City and finished school there. His friend, Don Ralph, was dating Beatrice Lund and introduced him to Beatrice's sister, Anna. Ray married Anna Rose Lund on 10 April 1937 at the minister's house in Sheridan.

Ray and Anna on their wedding day:

Ray and Anna on Wedding Day

After they married they lived for a short while in a tenant house of Frank and Emma (Greenhoe) Stearns northwest of Vickeryville, then they moved into the tenant house of Ray's grandmother, Addie (Greenhoe) Eitterman (the same tenant house where Ray lived when he was a young boy). Ray and Anna's first two children, Ellen and Gary, were both born while they were living there from 1937 to 1940 (Ellen was born in her Great-grandmother Eitterman's house, not the tenant house, while Gary was born at Anna's parents home west of Sheridan). They then moved to a rental farm (6633 Briggs Rd.) east of Greenville (the next two children, Carolyn and Dennis, were born in that house while the youngest, Thomas, was born while they lived there but he was born in the hospital at Greenville). In April of 1945 Ray and family moved to a 120 acre farm they purchased north of Stanton (1818 N. Sheridan Rd.). Ray continued to live there the rest of his life.

Aerial view of Stanton farm:

Stanton farm

In addition to their dairy farm Ray drove a milk truck delivering cans of milk from farmers to the condensery in Sheridan (Condensery photo courtesy of White Pine Library at Stanton):

Raymond hauling milk

Condensery at Sheridan

Later Ray drove a school bus for Central Montcalm Schools:

Raymond and School Bus

Ray had a stroke in [Aug?] and died on 12 November 1994 at the hospital in Lakeview, Montcalm Co. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery east of Sheridan.

Raymond Adams tombstone

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