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Perry Adams, 1890-1917


Perry Adams, son of Myron and Alice (Herring) Adams, was born on 22 April 1890 in Evergreen Twp., Montcalm Co., Michigan (place of birth is according to his draft registration card). Not much is known of Perry's childhood but his family apparently moved around a good deal because his father worked for others as a farm laborer. Perry was the third of seven children and three of his younger siblings were born in Ionia County, while one was born in Crystal Twp., Montcalm Co. Below is a photo from around 1898 of Myron and Alice (seated) and between them are Perry and Pearl, with Fred standing behind Pearl, and Glenn sitting in front (it is not known who the child in the insert is but it probably was a child of theirs who died young - also note the glue residue in front of Alice so apparently there was another photo attached to this at one time):

                    Adams Family

There are not many photos of Perry because he died so young. Again, this is with his family when Perry was about 8 years old (it was taken in Carson City, probably during the time the family lived in Crystal Twp.):

Perry Adams

Another photo is one of Perry (center) with his brothers, Fred (left), and Glenn (right):

Fred, Perry,

Like his father, Perry was also a farm laborer. He was 24 years old when he married Rhoda Belle (Eitterman) Sebring on 9 March 1915 in Montcalm Co., daughter of George and Addie (Greenhoe) Eitterman. Rhoda was a divorcee with two children: Nina and George Sebring. Nina, the older of the two, went to live with her father's mother, but George remained with Rhoda after the divorce. George was 5 years old when Perry and Rhoda's only child, Raymond, was born on 11 December 1915. Raymond reported that he was born in a house in Evergreen Twp., Montcalm Co., at the northwest corner of Sidney and Vickeryville Roads (perhaps this is where Perry and Rhoda were renting at the time). They later moved to the tenant house next to Rhoda's parents also in Evergreen Twp. on Holland Lake Rd. a few miles north of Sheridan (Raymond would move in to this same tenant house shortly after his marriage). According to the 1917 Farm Journal Directory of Montcalm County: “Perry M. Adams (Rhoda) 2 ch[ildren] farmer T[enant] H[ouse] & L[ot] R[ural route]3 Sheridan Ergn 61” (Ergn 61 or Evergreen 61 was the same telephone number as Rhoda's parents). This tenant house is where Perry died of tuberculosis or “consumption” as it was commonly known. He died at the age of 27 on 4 December 1917 (shortly before Raymond's second birthday). Rhoda then married Maurice Philips and had 2 more children: Dail Philips and Dorothy (Philips) Emelander.             

Rhoda's aunt, Madia Mesler, reported that the above photo of Perry with his brothers was how she remembers Perry compared to the one below of him looking so much thinner -- probably this one of him looking thinner was taken while he was affected by tuberculosis (weight loss is one of the symptoms (Perry's draft registration card dated June 1917 indicated he was “totally disabled.” -- this registration card also reported that he was a farmer and that he had blue eyes and brown hair).

                Adams                              Perry

The 1917 Directory of Montcalm County lists Perry as “Perry M. Adams” while his tombstone in Evergreen Cemetery says “Perry A. Adams” --
no other documents (marriage record, census reports, draft registration) indicate a middle name or initial for Perry.


Perry Adams Tombstone

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