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Mindrel/Mildred "Mina" K. Rockwood, 1843-1900 (with her father, Abel H. Rockwood)

Mildred/Mindrel "Mina" K. Rockwood,

Mildred/Mindrel "Mina" K. Rockwood was born on October 16, 1843, in Ontario, Canada, probably in Leeds Co., near Thousand Islands (her birth date is from the family Bible of Mina's sister, Sophia Rockwood Hibner). Mina was the fifth of nine children born to Abel and Elizabeth (Knapp) Rockwood. It is pure speculation but perhaps Mina's middle initial "K" stood for Knapp, her mother's maiden name. Mina's marriage record in 1860 and the family Bible both spell her name "Mindrel". Her second marriage record in 1877 spells her name "Mindral", while her cemetery marker says "Mindred". However, "Mildred" is how she signed her name on document in 1898 claiming guardianship of two nephews (see below). On the reverse of the photograph above (the original belonged to Gertrude Brandenburg, granddaughter of Mina's brother, Elijah) someone wrote "great-grandpa Rockwood and his daughter Mina Williams".

Sometime during the 1850's Mina's family moved from Canada to Michigan which is where she married Samuel Williams on January 7, 1860 in Greenwood Twp., St. Clair County. By June of that year they moved nearby to Sanilac Twp., Sanilac County. They were living next to her parents (her age was listed as 16 on this census, which is consistent with the family Bible), and Samuel was 26. Mina's first child, Elizabeth, was born two days before Mina's 17th birthday in 1860, and her second child, Adelia, was born in 1862. In March of 1863 her husband joined the Army and he served in the Civil War for the next 19 months. He mustered out of service in July 1865, and the following year, in August of 1866, their third child, James "Henry" Williams, was born. Only one month later, on the 14th of September 1866, Mina's first husband drowned while fishing in Lake Huron. Mina was widowed at the age of 22 years and was left to raise three young children. Mina and two of her children, Elizabeth and Henry, are in the 1870 census of Verona Twp., Huron Co., Mich., while Adelia, age 6, was staying with her aunt and uncle, Daniel and Sophia Rockwood Hibner, in Washington Twp., Sanilac County).

Mina's second marriage was to David Hibner (brother of Daniel Hibner, who married Mina's sister, Sophia), on 25 October 1877 in Leoni Twp., Jackson Co., Michigan. David, 56, was listed as a carpenter and a resident of Leoni at the time, while "Mindral", age 34, was listed as a resident of Alpena County. The 1880 census of Long Rapids Twp., Alpena Co., Mich, listed the family: David Hibner, 60, farmer; Mindrel, 37; stepdaughter, "Dellia" Williams, 17; stepson, Henry Williams, 14; and father-in-law, Abel H. Rockwood, 70. David had been married once previously and he married twice after he left Mina. David married Sarah Hendershot in 1884 in Lenawee County, but she died a year later (she was buried in Benton Cemetery at Saline, Washtenaw Co., Mich., which is also where David's parents were buried). David married a fourth time to Jerusha Kaake/Keck in 1889 at AuSable, Iosco County. In the early 1890's David was listed as a grocer at Oscoda, Iosco County, which is where he died on September 16, 1898.

Mildred's 3rd marriage was to James M. Todd. No marriage record has been found but apparently it was in the early 1880's. James was born in Canada in 1832, the son of John and Esther (Main) Todd. James immigrated to the U.S. in 1854. James and Mina were together until she died on 18 May 1900 at Long Rapids, Alpena County. This was shortly before the 1900 census which lists him as a farmer and a widower. Mina was buried in Long Rapids Cemetery. In 1910 James was living with his brother, Alexander Todd, in Sanilac County, which is where he died in 1917. Mildred reportedly had one child with James - there is a marker for this child in the Long Rapids Cemetery: "Baby Alice Todd, 1879-1881" (note that the 1880 census shows Mina still living with David Hibner at the time and there was no sign of an infant named Alice, so apparently she was born in the early 1880's rather than in 1879). Finally, note that Mina became the guardian of her nephews after the death of her brother, Elijah Rockwood. One of those nephew's was Herbert Rockwood, 1887-1966. According to Herbert's son, Eliger, Herbert had reported that he was "sent to stay with his Aunt (Mildred I think. He added, 'She was a Todd'). She lived in the Greenwoods, a small settlement of farms north of Long Rapids. This was after his father died. We thought from the dates he must have been about eight years old." The following is part of the affidavit with Mina's signature ("Mildred Todd"):

Mildred Rockwood Williams
                  Hibner Todd signature

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