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Micah Adair, 1818-1903

Micah Adair death certificate 1903 Flint Michigan

Micah Adair was born on 18 October 1818 in what is now East Granby, Hartford Co., Connecticut ("October 18" was written in the Age column of his death record, above, rather than in the Date of Birth column, but this date is consistent with the 1900 census which lists his birth month as October). Micah was the youngest of eight children born to James Lewis Adair and Bathsheba Griffin (Micah was apparently named after Bathsheba's father, Micah Griffin). Micah and his sister, Elizabeth (who was born in 1816), were both baptized on 30 January 1820 in the Congregational Church in Turkey Hills (the town of East Granby was incorporated in 1858 with practically the same boundaries as the "Turkey Hills Ecclesiastical Society". In 1736 the town of Simsbury was divided into four "ecclesiastical societies" and the "northeast" section became Turkey Hills). According to the Records of the Congregational Church in Turkey Hills, now the town of East Granby, Connecticut, 1776-1858 by Albert Carlos Bates, 1907, Micah's parents, "James L. Dyre and Betsy his wife" were admitted into the Turkey Hills Congregational Church in 1803 and that same year two of their children, Alfred and Theodosia ("son and daughter to Mr. Dyre and Wife and Grand Children to Micah Griffin") were baptized there. Two weeks after Alfred was baptized he died, and when another son was born in 1807 he was also named Alfred/Alford. According to this Alfred's biographical sketch in the History of Summit County, with an Outline Sketch of Ohio, by William Henry Perrin, 1881, "He is a grandson of Andrew Adair, who was a native of Ireland, and a son of James L. and Bathsheba (Griffin) Adair, to whom were born the following family: Theodosia, Sally, Alfred, Ursula, Anna, Elizabeth and Micah."

"Bathsheba Adair, the wife of James L. Adair of said Granby..." purchased 25 acres bounded by property of Zophar Griffin and James Viets in 1819, and they were still in Granby during the 1820 census. Shortly after 1820 they moved to a 40 acre farm north of the village Bergen in Genesee County, New York. This is where Micah's father died about 1825 according to the above sketch of Alfred. Alfred, who was ten years older than Micah, "took charge of the homestead, clearing it of a heavy debt then hanging over it... In 1840, Mr. Adair, family, and mother, came to Copley Township, Summit Co., Ohio, where the mother died, in January, 1855 [probably she died in 1865 as she was still alive in 1860]."  For more information about Micah's siblings and ancestry see Some Family Origins of Fred Lyman Adair, M.D., and his wife Myrtle May Ingalls, by Richard Porter Adair, 1970.

Micah was living next to his brother, Alfred, during the 1840 census of Copley. Micah was apparently living with an older sister and his mother. Neither Micah nor his mother have been found in the 1850 census, but they were probably still in Ohio as that is where Micah married Abigail Catherine Graham about 1854. They were probably married in Fulton County which is where Abigail was living in 1850 and where their son, Augustus, was born in 1855. Abigail was born in December 1833 in Ohio and was the youngest of seven children born to Thomas and Anna (Norton) Graham. In April 1857 Micah and family moved to Columbia Co., Wisconsin, and in May he wrote the following letter to his brother, Alfred, in Summit Co., Ohio:

1857 Letter by Micah Adair to his brother, Alfred 

The above letter belongs to Deacon Robin Adair of Barberton, Ohio, a descendant of Alfred, and reads as follows (with spelling corrected): "Dear brother, I now take this opportunity to write a few lines to let you know that we are enjoying our health very well at the present. Hoping that these few lines will find you and your family enjoying the same good blessing of health. I give my respects to your family and to mother. Alfred, I believe when I wrote to you that I did not write to you where to have you direct your letters. Direct your letters to Columbus, Columbia Co., Wisconsin. Do not fail to write immediately. Write as soon as you receive this for I cannot do anything 'til I hear from you. We have been here four weeks and our things have not come yet. I guess that they have gone to 'Davey Jones locker.' I have not wrote to Theodosia [sister of Micah and Alfred] yet. We shall write today if nothing happens. Yours with respect, Micah Adair, Columbus, Columbia Co., Wisconsin." Note that Columbia Co., Wisconsin, is where Abigail's brother, George Graham, was living at the time. Micah and Abigail did not stay long in Wisconsin; however, and by 1860 they moved to Thetford Twp., Genesee Co., Michigan. They are listed there in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census. An 1873 plat map shows the community of Henpeck at the intersection of M-57 and Belsay Road, and it shows Micah's 45 acre farm in section 14 of Thetford Twp.:

  Henpeck in Genesee Co., Michigan, 1873

The Genesee County directory for 1888 through 1894 shows Micah farming 15 acres in section 28 of Genesee Twp., and they were still there during the 1900 census. However, by 1903 they had moved into the city of Flint where Micah died on 23 Apr 1903. His obituary reads "A pioneer of Thetford. Michael [Micah] Adair died at his home at 721 Wood St. early this morning, aged 84 years. He was a pioneer of Thetford Twp., and moved from there to Forest, and later to Genesee, coming to Flint a few years later. He leaves a wife. The funeral will be held at the house Saturday morning at 10:30."  Micah's wife died nearly ten years later in 1913 also in Flint. Both Micah and Abbie were buried in unmarked graves in Avondale Cemetery, Flint, which is also where their only child, Augustus, was buried.

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