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Mary Elizabeth Tucker, 1882-1974

              Elizabeth Tucker

Mary Elizabeth Tucker was born on 20 October 1882 in Carsonville, Michigan, and was the fifth of six children born to Henry and Elizabeth (Maynard) Tucker (Henry later had one child with his second wife after his first wife died). Below is an early photo of Mary (standing) with her older sister, Alice (Alice died in 1899 five years after this photo was taken).

Alice Tucker and Mary Tucker in

Mary married Charles Adelbert Tucker (no relation) on 17 December 1903 at Carsonville and they moved to Detroit soon after. Below is a photo of Mary and her son, Cecil, in the back yard of one of their homes in Detroit. Also in this photo is Mary's half-sister, Grace, who was 15 years younger than Mary. Grace was the child of Mary's father, Henry, and his second wife, Rachel Cleland. Rachel died when Grace was one year old old, and Henry remarried a third time. Because of real or perceived conflict with her step-mother, Grace stayed with Mary's family for extended periods of time.

Mary Tucker, Cecil
                      Tucker, Grace Tucker

Below is another photo of Mary, Cecil, and Grace at one of their homes in Detroit. Also in this photo is Mary's brother, Frank.

                      Tucker, Cecil Tucker, Grace Tucker, Frank Tucker

Below is photo of Mary and Charles and their sons, Ralph and Edwin (Cecil died about a year before this photo was taken). Shortly after this they moved to Bad Axe, Michigan.

Charles Tucker, Mary Tucker, Edwin Tucker,
                      Ralph Tucker

After moving to Bad Axe in 1915 they had two more children. Dorothy was born in 1917 and Grace was born in 1923. Below is a photo of Mary and Dorothy:

                      Tucker and Dorothy Tucker Tetreau

They had rented several homes in Detroit and Bad Axe but in the early 1940's Mary and Charles bought a house at 306 S. Port Crescent St. in Bad Axe, which was the only house they ever owned. Only a few years later (1943) Charles died at the age of 61. By the early 1950's Mary had moved back to Detroit (665 Willis Ave.) and got a job as a seamstress for Crowley's Department Store (Crowley, Milner & Co.) in downtown Detroit (below):

                      Tucker at Crowley, Milner & Co.

Mary and her four children (left to right: Edwin, Dorothy, Mary, Grace, and Ralph) in 1946 (this is at 221 E. Genesee St., Flint, where Edwin was living at the time):

                      Tucker, Edwin Tucker, Dorothy Tucker Tetreau,
                      Grace Tucker Jackson, & Ralph Tucker in 1946

Mary celebrated her 90th birthday in 1972. At the celebration (below) is her son, Edwin; Edwin's daughter, Janet; and Janet's daughter, Anne:

                      Tucker, Edwin Tucker, Janet Tucker Adams, Anne
                      Adams Welch

Mary later moved from Willis Ave. to Herman Gardens, a housing project on the west side of Detroit. Near the end of her life she went to live with her daughter, Dorothy, at Grayling, Mich., where she died at the age of 91 on 16 May 1974. She was buried by her husband in Colfax Cemetery at Bad Axe.

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