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Jons Lundin and
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Jons Lundin, b. 1811 d. after 1856; and his wife Bengta Nilsdotter, b. about 1811 d. after 1856

Jons Lundin
              and his wife Bengta Nilsdotter Lundin

Jons Nilsson (who later changed his name to Lundin) was born on 22 July 1811 in Sweden, probably near Selshog which is where his wife, Bengta, was born. Jons parents were Nils Jonsson and Karna Torkelsdotter. When Jons was born it was customary in Sweden for a child to adopt the father's given name as his surname (so if Jons Nilsson had a son named Nils he would be named Nils Jonsson). However, this patronymic naming practice was problematic in that many people ended up with identical names. This patronymic naming system was abolished in 1901, but even by the 1860's it was becoming popular in Sweden to adopt family names which were "fixed". Adopted family names were often based on trade names, noble family names, scholarly names, etc. Jons adopted the family name of Lundin (pronounced Lund-een) apparently around the same time that he became a lawyer (and by some reports a judge -- much of the information about Jons and family is from Eric Lund of Chelsea, Mich.). The biographical sketch of Jons's son, Martin, in the "History of San Joaquin County, California" Tinkham, 1923, says that Martin's father "was an educator as well as an attorney-at-law."

Jons married Bengta Nilsdotter about 1840 and they had five children. Their first child, Gersti, was born in 1842 and their last, Andrew, was born in 1856. Gersti and Peter were both born in Tryde and Martin was born in Skåne. It is assumed the other two children, John and Andrew, were born in the same vicinity. According to Wikipedia, Tryde is in what is now Skåne County or Skåne län which was established in 1997 when Kristianstad and Malmohus were merged. Skåne is the southernmost county in Sweden and Tryde is about 30 miles from Malmo. At least three of Jons children (Peter, John, and Martin) moved to the United States and when they did they shortened their name from Lundin to Lund. It is not known when or where Jons and Bengta died.

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