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Jonas Adams, 1801-after 1864

              Vermont from 1906 post card

Jonas Adams was born on 24 February 1801 at Ludlow, Windsor Co., Vermont (the above photo of Ludlow is from a 1906 post card found on Wikipedia). Jonas was the eighth of 15 children born to George and Mary (Woodward) Adams. The birth dates of George and Mary's 15 children are recorded in "Ludlow Vital Records Volume 1, 1768-1873." The record of births was begun in 1795 and children were not listed as they were born but rather the town clerk was simply given a list of the residents' children and birth dates (this means the children may not have even been born in Ludlow, which is the case with George's first several children). There are actually two lists (on pages 5 and 57) of George's children in that book. The first list includes George's first ten children, while the second list overlaps with the first and adds to it (it is as if additional children were born since the first list was given to the town clerk so another list was provided - and the very oldest children were not included in the second list). Also, whoever provided the first list also supplied the day of the week that each child was born (few other Ludlow families did this, but it does provide a way to check the accuracy of the dates -- indeed the days of the week do coincide with the dates given for each child). The first list of children (page 5) is as follows: "Elizabeth Adams was born 28 September 1789 on Monday; Sarah Adams was born 17th on March on Thursday 1791; Mary Adams was born Saturday 1st Sept 179[missing digit]; Becca Adams was born Saturday 22 March 179[missing digit]; George Adams was born Monday 30th May 1796; Daniel Adams was born Tuesday Sept 26th 1797; Joel Adams Dec 16th 1799 [no day of the week was supplied for this Joel who died young]; Jonas Adams was born Tuesday 24th Febr 1801; Edna Adams was born Saturday June 18th 1803; Lindia Adams was born Saturday 25th of 1805" The second list (page 57) of children follows: "Jonas Adams son of George Adams born February 24th 1801; Edna Adams daughter of George Adams born June 18th 1803; Linday Adams daughter of George Adams was born May 25th 1805; The twins of George Adams born May 3rd 1806 and died the same day; Joel Adams son of George Adams born June 23rd 1807; Phebe Adams daughter of George Adams was born February 20th 1809; Roxy Adams daughter of George Adams was born May 16th 1810" The handwritten birth date for Jonas from the second list follows:

Jonas Adams
                  birth record from Ludlow Vital Records

Jonas married Lucy Booth probably in Vermont about 1839 (their first child was born there in 1840, and their second in 1843). Lucy was born about 1821 and died in Michigan in 1879. Evidence which ties the above Jonas who was born in 1801 to our Jonas (the Jonas who married Lucy Booth and moved to Crawford County, Pa., by 1860) includes a letter written in 1975 by Dorothy Wilson Howe, great-granddaughter of Jonas. She reported that she had gathered some family history from her mother's cousin, Nellie Adams (Nellie was daughter of George W. Adams, son of Jonas)::

Lette from Dorothy Wilson Howe

Except for Nancy, the children of George listed in Dorothy's letter are consistent with George's children listed in the Ludlow Vital Records, although the Ludlow records include other children, many of whom did not live to adulthood. Another piece of evidence involves correspondence in 1983 with Robert Adams, great-grandson of Jonas Adams. Robert reported that a few years before the death of his grandfather, Henry Adams (son of Jonas), that Henry told him that the oldest two children were "born at Ludlow, Windsor Co., Vermont, at the foot of the Green Mountains...  A few years later the family moved to what was then Chautauqua County, New York [which is where Henry Adams died in 1933]... My Grandfather told me he had a brother Andrew who moved to Reynalds [Ronald] Center, Ionia Co., Michigan..." (for photo of Andrew see biography of Lucy Booth Adams).  Following is a photo of Robert's grandfather, Henry Adams (son of Jonas), Henry's wife, Lucien, and their son, Robert Peter Adams, and his wife, Ida:

Henry Adams and Lucien

Robert also reported that "Dad's uncle Lucius worked in the woods with my Grandfather hewing R.R. ties with which to build the DAV and P Railroad down the Allegany Valley." Robert also reported that he found "the war record of Dad's uncle, Lucius. I found where he was confined to a Hospital at the age of 19, and the next of kin was listed as Jonas Adams, Beaver Center, Crawford Co., Penn." (A pension application by the widow of Lucius dated May 1915 lists the brothers and sister of Lucius as follows: "George Adams, Henry Adams, Andrew Adams, Mack Adams, Judson Adams, and Sarah Adams, all of whom are dead as I am informed except Andrew and Judson. The said soldier enlisted from the State of Pennsylvania, County of Crawford, and at time of enlistment lived near Beaver, Pa."). Finally, Robert reported that "For several years I have been aware of the Ludlow Vital Records Volume 1, 1768-1873, which gives the births of the George Adams family, which I think is the same George Adams, mentioned by Nellie Adams... It seems more complete than Nellie's record."

Finally, one other piece of evidence supports the notion that George and Mary were parents of our Jonas. Another letter by Dorothy Howe, this time from 1983, refers to the daughter of Joel Adams, brother of Jonas:

Letter by Dorothy Howe dated

Sarah Adams Allen Smith, 1836-1926, was indeed the daughter of Joel Adams according to her death certificate. And from census records etc., it is known that Sarah's father was born in Vermont about 1807, which is consistent with what is known of Jonas's brother, Joel. In 1850 and 1860 Joel and family lived near Cherry Hill in Conneaut Twp., Erie Co., Pa., which is adjacent to Beaver Twp., Crawford Co. According to a history of Isabella County, Michigan, 1982, "Sarah had come to Michigan in 1858 when she and her first husband sold their farm in Pennsylvania to come to Michigan to buy cheap land that was then available here." (Actually, Sarah and her first husband were listed in the 1860 census of Erie Co., Pa., next door to her parents, so she probably moved to Michigan shortly after the Civil War rather than in 1858). Below is a photo of Sarah Adams Allen Smith, daughter of Joel Adams:

Sarah Adams Allen Smith 1836 to

The 1860 census of Beaver Twp., Crawford Co., Pennsylvania, lists the children of Jonas and Lucy: "Sarah, George, Lucius, Henry, Andrew, McIntire (Myron), and Judson." The ages and birth places of the children in this census indicates that Jonas and family moved from Vermont to New York about 1844, and then to Pennsylvania by 1848. Although Jonas and family have not been located in the 1850 census they were apparently living in the vicinity of Erie Co., Pa., about that time. A pension application by the widow of George Adams, son of Jonas, contains affidavits by Sarah Adams Allen Smith (above) and by Darius Holden indicating they had known George for 60 years (the affidavits were written in 1907 indicating that George's family had moved to Pennsylvania about 1847). The families of both Sarah and Darius are listed in the 1850 census of Erie Co. (also note that Sarah's first husband, Howard Allen, was the brother of Darius's wife, Alzina Allen).

Jonas was apparently still living in 1864 when listed as next of kin for his son, Lucius, but he died prior to 1879 which is when Lucy died. The 1880 census mortality schedule indicates Lucy was widowed and had lived in Montcalm Co., Michigan, only a few months before she died. At least five of their children (Sarah, George, Andrew, Myron, and Judson) had lived in or adjacent to Montcalm County at one time or another. Again, the 1860 census is the only census where Jonas has been located, but in 1862 he purchased 25 acres in Beaver Twp., and in 1864 he purchased 12 more acres. In August of 1864 Jonas and his wife, Lucy, sold 37 acres to "H. Johnson" for four hundred dollars. The 1860 census indicates Jonas was a carpenter but nothing else is known of him including his death date or place of death.


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