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Henry Tucker, 1849-1935

              Tucker, 1849-1935

Henry Tucker,

Henry Tucker was born on 29 March 1849 in the parish of Bishops-Tawton, Devon Co., England. He was the first of five children born to John and Maria (Incledon) Tucker (however, John was previously married and had six children with his first wife, Mary Shambrook). When Henry was about five years old his family moved to Ontario, Canada, and settled in Ontario County where they were farming according to the 1871 and 1881 census. Henry was married three times and outlived each of his wives. First, he married Elizabeth Maynard on 31 May 1875 at Whitby, Ontario, Canada. She was the daughter of Henry and Mary (Grose) Maynard. Note that two of Elizabeth's siblings (Mary and Thomas) married two of Henry's siblings (Michael and Anna). Shortly after they married Henry and Elizabeth moved to Carsonville in Sanilac Co., Michigan, where they bought a small farm near the southeast city limits. All six of their children were born there: Anna, 1876-1973; Frank, 1877-1955; William, 1879-1921; Eliza, 1880-1899; Mary, 1882-1974; and George, 1884-1960. When their youngest child was less than three years old Elizabeth died at the age of 37 on 6 July 1887. Henry then married Rachel Cleland on 31 March 1897, the daughter of John and Lydia (Beths) Cleland. Rachel and Henry had one child, Grace Elizabeth Tucker, 1898-1991. When Rachel was ill with pernicious anemia she made a will in October of 1899 leaving her estate to her infant daughter, Grace. Rachel died on 13 February 1900 in Carsonville at the age of 31. Below is a photo of Rachel:

Rachel Cleland, second wife of
                  Henry Tucker

Henry's third marriage was to Catherine Margaret Fockler, daughter of John and Mary (Norton) Fockler. She was born on 16 September 1849 in Canada, and died on 2 June 1928 at Carsonville. She was married previously to John Hobson and they had least five children (the youngest, Loella Hobson, was born in 1891 and lived with Henry, Catherine, and Grace). Grace reported feelings of rejection by her stepmother when she was young and before she was 11 years old she went to live with her half-sister, Mary, in Detroit. Below is a photo of Henry with his third wife, Catherine, in front of their home in Carsonville, and below that is a photo of Henry and his daughter, Grace:

Henry Tucker and
                      Catherine Fockler Tucker at Carsonville

                      Tucker with his daughter Grace Tucker Meade

Below is another photo of Henry at his home in Carsonville along with his son, Frank, and his daughter, Anna Tucker Smith.

                      with his children Frank Tucker and Anna Tucker

Below is a photo of Henry when they were visiting the family of William Maynard in Canada around 1926 (again, three Tucker children married three Maynard children). Adults from left to right: Henry Tucker; John Gould, son-in-law of William Maynard; Mary Tucker, daughter of Henry; Elsie Maynard Heaton, daughter of William; William Maynard, brother of Henry's first wife, Elizabeth Maynard; and Charles Tucker, husband Mary (Mary and Charles were not related before they married even though they both had the same last name). The children from left to right: Dorothy, daughter of Mary and Charles; Grace, daughter of Mary and Charles; and the boy is apparently Neil, son of Elsie).

                      Tucker with William Maynard family

Below is a photo of Henry with an unidentified man.

                      Tucker on right with unidentified man

Henry died on 12 October 1935 at Carsonville. According to his obituary, "He died at his home after a short illness. Mr. Tucker was born in England. At the age of five years he landed with his parents in Canada. On reaching the age of 21 [actually 27], he came to Carsonville and had been a life-long resident here." Henry and several family members were buried in Washington Township Cemetery two miles southwest of Carsonville.

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