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Frederick Godfrey/Gottfried Herring, 1826-1899

Frederick and
              Margaret (Peters) Herring

Frederick Godfrey/Gottfried Herring was born in Germany on 5 June 1826 and was the third of five sons born to Christian and Saloma Herring (note that "Fred" is a common nickname for "Gottfried"). Most early records refer to him as Godfrey or Gottfried while later records refer to him as Frederick (plus half the records refer to his last name as Herring and half say Herrig. Also, note that his brother Phillip went by the name Harrig). Frederick came to the U.S. when he was seven years old with his parents and brothers. He was listed as "Gottfried Herring" on the passenger list of the ship Charlemagne which landed in the port of New York in 1833. The 1850 census of Verona, Oneida Co., N.Y., lists "Godfred Harig" age 24, on the same census page as his brothers. This census lists Frederick (Godfred) as a farmer while his brothers were boatmen on the Erie Canal which ran through Verona. On 30 October 1851 at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Verona Mills "Godfrey" married Margaret Peters (above is their photo probably taken at the time of their marriage). Note that Margaret's youngest sister, Mary, married Frederick's younger brother, Phillip, in this same church. "Godfrey" and Margaret purchased land in Verona in 1853 and this same land was sold in 1858 to John Peters (father of Margaret). The 1855 New York State census of Verona lists "Godfrey Herrig"; his wife, Margaret; their daughters "Susan A." (Amanda Susan), and "Sally A." (Anna Sarah); as well as his mother, Saloma. The 1860 census of neighboring Lewis County lists the family as follows: Frederick, 34; Margaret, 34; Susan A., 7; Anna S., 6; George A., 5; Margaret E., 3; and Albert C., 9/12. By 1870 the family had moved to Arcadia Twp., Wayne Co., N.Y., which lists Frederick as a day laborer while the three oldest children (Amanda, Anna, and George) worked in a "fruit factory". The obituary of their daughter, Alice (who was 3 years old in 1870), indicates her family had moved to Michigan in 1871. They bought 80 acres of land near Sheridan, Montcalm Co., Michigan, in 1876 and it was sold in 1891. Frederick is listed as a farmer in the 1880 census. Margaret died on 9 November 1895 in Belding, Mich., at the home of her daughter, Anna. Apparently Frederick was also living with Anna when he died on 11 February 1899. He died in Casnovia Twp., Muskegon Co., Michigan, and was buried there in Hilton Cemetery. Anna's husband, David Deal, served as informant on Frederick's death certificate. Casnovia is also where Anna's daughter, June Fox was living during the 1900 census. June's daughter, Violet Fox Towne, had the family Bible which listed Frederick's death date and age at time of death (72 yrs 8 mos 6 days -- this is the basis for calculating his birth date as 5 June 1826). Violet also provided several family photos including those of Frederick and Margaret. Below is another photo of Frederick when he was older:

Frederick Herring when older

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