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Elizabeth Ann (Tucker) Jones, 1833-1919

Elizabeth Ann
              Tucker Jones, 1833-1919

              Tucker Jones, 1833-1919

Elizabeth Ann Tucker was born on 23 June 1833 in Clayton, Jefferson Co., New York. She was the fourth of nine children born to John and Roxy (Page) Tucker (John later had five more children with his second wife). Shortly after Elizabeth turned 12 years old her mother died. Roxy's parents, John and Mehitabel Page, who lived in Clayton until they died in the late 1850's, helped care for some of the children, including Elizabeth, although some of John's children stayed with various neighbors. Elizabeth has not been found in the 1850 census (she would have been 17 years old by then). Her father remarried in 1850 and moved to Michigan that same year. By 1860 some of his children had also moved to Michigan, but Elizabeth, 27, was still living in Clayton. She was listed in the census with the family of her older sister, Lucinda (Tucker) Randall, who later moved to Wisconsin (the top photo of Elizabeth is from Dolores Kaliebe, a descendant of Lucinda).

About 1855 Elizabeth met a sailor who went on one last voyage down the St. Lawrence River which runs by the village of Clayton. He was lost in a shipwreck but Elizabeth had his child, Adelbert, in 1856 (some records say he was born in 1851 but all early records report he was born in 1856 -- he has not been found in the 1860 census). During the early 1860's Adelbert and Elizabeth traveled by boat to Michigan to live near her father and siblings who had settled in Bridgehampton Twp. in  Sanilac County. According to her granddaughter, Madeline (Jones) Felker, when Elizabeth arrived in Harbor Beach, (which is where her brother lived and which is about 30 miles from where her father lived) "There was no one to get the men's breakfast so Grandma took off her traveling clothes and pitched in and got their breakfast. She stayed there a long time and cooked for the men. They paid her wages and gave her a gold broach that was buried with her." In addition to working at Osgood's Lumber Camp north of Port Sanilac, she cooked and waited on tables at Carson's Boarding House in Carsonville, which is just a few miles from where her father farmed.

Elizabeth married John Jones on 8 August 1865 and settled on their farm two miles south and one mile east of Carsonville (on the northeast corner of Washington and Loree roads). Elizabeth was 32 years old when she married but John was 57. He was born in Cardigan Bay, Wales, on 30 Oct 1807 and died on 29 November 1897 at his home in Carsonville. In 1890 he wrote about his various experiences in early Michigan and the Civil War. The complete John Jones Story is posted here. Although his "memoir" is lengthy he mentions Elizabeth and his children only briefly: "When I came back [from the Civil War] it was not hard to get acquainted with the ladies. I found one and married her. About a year later, she presented me with a boy [John, the father of Madeline Jones Felker] and said he was mine. He is now about six feet tall. She found five girls somewhere [Jane, Mary, Anna, Sarah, and Eliza]. In '67, four squaws came in the house. I was not home at the time. There were two very old squaws and two young squaws. My wife told me that one of them was the handsomest woman she ever saw, was dressed very costly and about twenty years old. They played with the baby about two hours and went away. That was the last time the Indians were around." 

After John died Elizabeth continued to live on their farm southeast of Carsonville until she died there on 5 January 1919. The following picture was probably taken there shortly before she died at the age of of 85. She was buried nearby in Washington Twp. Cemetery.

Elizabeth Tucker Jones probably
                  about 1915 Carsonville, Michigan

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