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Elizabeth Ann (Maynard) Tucker, 1850-1887

              Maynard Tucker

Elizabeth Ann Maynard was born on 1 April 1850 at Uxbridge, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada, and was the oldest of eleven children born to Henry Eveley Maynard and Mary Ann Grose. Her parents were born in England but apparently met in Ontario where they married. Ontario is also where Elizabeth met and married Henry Tucker. Henry was born in England on 29 March 1849 and moved to Ontario when he was 5 years old. Henry and Elizabeth were married on 31 May 1875 in Whitby, Ontario. Note that two of Elizabeth's siblings, Mary and Thomas, married two of Henry's siblings, Michael and Anna, so for many years there were Tucker Maynard reunions held at various places, some as late as the 1980's. Below is a photo of reunion held at Marysville, Michigan, in 1942 (help is needed to identify all these folks!):

Tucker Maynard reunion at
                  Marysville, Mich., in 1942 

Shortly after Elizabeth and Henry married they moved to Carsonville, Sanilac Co., Michigan, where they bought a small farm near the city limits. Twelve years (and six children) after they married Elizabeth died on 6 July 1887 of tuberculosis (at the time it was called consumption, because it seemed to "consume people from within, with a bloody cough, fever, and a long relentless wasting"). When Elizabeth died she left Henry with the following children: Anna, 11; Frank, 9; Fred, 7; Alice, 6; Mary, 4; and George, 2 years old. For ten years Henry raised the children alone before he remarried in 1897 (when his second wife died he married a third time in 1903). Henry died in 1935 at the age of 86 (47 years after the death of Elizabeth). Henry was buried in Washington Cemetey near Carsonville which is also where Elizabeth was buried.

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