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Edward J. Haysmer, 1863-1942

Edward J.
              Haysmer, 1863-1942

Edward J. Haysmer was born on 14 November 1863 in Ronald Twp., Ionia Co., Michigan, and was the second of eleven children born to John and Elizabeth (Johnson) Haysmer. Before 1870 his parents moved to Bushnell Twp., Montcalm Co. (southeast of Sheridan) where they farmed. Ed married Rosa Belle Hall on 29 April 1888 in Montcalm Co. She was born on 29 August 1866 in Bushnell Twp. Ed and Rosa purchased a 40 acre farm at 1045 Condensery Rd. east of Sheridan (their farm was on the north side of Condensery Rd. which is in Evergreen Twp., while the south side of the road is in Bushnell Twp.). They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary there in 1938 (see below). Note that after Ed died in 1942 their grandson, Earl Lund, purchased the farm and lived there until he died in 2004):

Edward and Rosa (Hall) Haysmer

Ed and Rosa had two children. Estella (Haysmer) Lund was born in 1889, and Elsie Haysmer was born in 1900. Below is a photo of the family apparently taken about 1902 judging from age of the children:

Edward Haysmer, Rosa Hall
                  Haysmer, Estella Belle Haysmer, Elsie Haysmer

Their first great-grandchild, Ellen (Adams) Rockafellow, was born prior to their golden anniversary. Below is a 1941 photo of Ellen with her mother, Anna (Lund) Adams; Anna's mother, Estella (Haysmer) Lund; Estella's mother, Rosa (Hall) Haysmer; and Ellen's brother, Gary. Beside that is a photo of Gary with his father, Raymond Adams; Gary's grandfather, Carl Lund (who is holding Gary); and Gary's great-grandfather, Ed Haysmer:

                  Haysmer, Rosa Haysmer, Estella Haysmer Lund, Carl

Ed died in Sheridan on 15 May 1942 at the age of 79 and was buried in Sheridan Cemetery.

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