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Carl Emil Lund, 1884-1952

Carl Emil

Carl Emil Lund was born on 10 July 1884 in Sidney Twp., Montcalm Co., Michigan. He was the third of six children born to Peter and Anna (Martensdotter) Lund (his parents and two older brothers were born in Sweden and immigrated to the U.S. in 1881). The earliest photo of Carl is from about 1912 and shows him standing with a team of horses in front of his parents' log cabin (also with him is his mother; brother, Martin; sister, Emma; and the child is probably Leona, daughter of Martin). This log home is apparently where he grew up and was located on West Hansen Rd., northwest of Sheridan.

Carl Lund and family by log cabin 

The log house no longer stands. Apparently it was located close to the frame home built just a few years later. The frame home can be seen behind Anna and her children in this 1924 photo (left to right are her children: Nels, John, Martin, Carl, Otto, and Emma):

Anna Lund and children in 1923

Carl married Estella Belle Haysmer, daughter of Edward and Rosa (Hall) Haysmer, on 23 March 1912 in Bushnell Twp., in Montcalm County (reportedly they married at the home of the minister, Frederick Simmons, which is now owned by Carl and Estella's granddaughter, Jean Sinclair). After they married they rented a farm from George Righeimer just west of his mother's farm and about 1928 they purchased a farm at 1185 W. County Farm Rd. west of Sheridan.

Carl and Estella on their 25th wedding anniversary:

Carl and Estella (Haysmer) Lund

In the late 1940's they sold their farm to their son, Lee, and moved into Sheridan at 221 Fargo Street. Carl was treated for diabetes and was a patient at Weedmark's nursing home in Sheridan for about 3 years before he died on 30 April 1952 at Sheridan, Mich., at the age of 67.

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