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Augustus Adair, 1855-1891

              Adair, 1855-1891

Augustus G. Adair was born in 1855 in Fulton County, Ohio, and was the only child of Micah and Abigail (Graham) Adair (It seems likely that the "G" in Augustus's middle name stood for Graham). When Augustus was two years old his family moved from Ohio to Wisconsin for a short while and then moved to Michigan before he was 5 years old. Augustus and parents are in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census of Thetford Twp., Genesee Co., Michigan. During the 1860 census Augustus was 5 years old and also living with his family was his grandmother, Anna Norton Graham, age 67 (she is not listed with them during in the 1870 census so may have died by then). Also living nearby in 1860 was Augustus's uncle, Guy Graham, and his family. Augustus's father was a farmer and the 1880 census lists Augustus, age 25, still single and working as a farm laborer. They lived in a small community called Henpeck and also living there was Hiram and Catherine (Wiser) Bishop and their family of 11 children. Augustus married their daughter, Clara E. Bishop, on 4 April 1881 in Mt. Morris, Genesee Co. (it is this marriage record which lists Augustus's birth place as Fulton Co., Ohio). Clara was born in Vassar, in nearby Tuscola Co., in 1864. Together they had two children: Roland Raymond Adair born in 1885, and Tressia Madeline Adair, born in 1887. Augustus died at 36 years of age on 31 October 1891 in Genesee Twp., Genesee Co. (cause of death "tumor of head"). His son Roland was six years old and Tressia was four at the time. Shortly after Augustus died Roland went to live with his grandparents, Micah and Catherine Adair. Clara remarried in 1896 and had one more child, Beth "Bessie" Day (1896-1962). Clara died in 1932 in Flint, Genesee Co., at the age of 67.

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