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Anna Martensdotter

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Anna Martensdotter, 1850-1931

              Martensdotter Lund

              Martensdotter Lund

Anna Martensdotter was born on 22 December 1850 in Tranas, Sweden, the daughter of Marten Lantz and Christina Nordquist. Anna's twin sister, Elna, also immigrated from Sweden to Michigan. Below are Anna (in white) and Elna.

Anna and Elna Martensdotter

Anna married Peter Lund on 11 April 1871 in Sweden and they immigrated to the U.S. in 1881. They had six children who lived to adulthood (the 1900 and 1910 census indicates Anna had had eight children - apparently two died while they were in Sweden). Below is a photo of Anna with her daughter, Emma, about 1912 and below that is a photo from the same time period with Anna in front of her house with her daughter Emma; her son Martin; and her son Carl (Carl is behind the team of horses. The young girl by Anna is probably Martin's daughter, Leona, who was born in 1907):

                      Lund and daughter Emma Lund Flennery

                      Lund and children

The above log cabin is apparently where Anna and Peter had lived until he died in 1907. Anna continued to live there until a frame house was built near the cabin around 1916. The frame home can be seen in the background of the Lund family reunion held in 1924 (below). Pictured is Anna and her six children while the other photo of this reunion shows Anna and her twin sister sitting near the center of the group (Anna's granddaughter, Beatrice Lund Ralph, is between them while Beatrice's sister, Anna Lund Adams, is on the other side of Anna).

Anna Lund and her 6

                      and Elna at Lund Reunion in 1924

Anna died on 28 April 1931 in Sidney Twp., Montcalm Co., Michigan, and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery near Sheridan.

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