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Anna Graham (Adair) Tucker, 1914-2011

Anna Adair

Anna Graham (Adair) Tucker was born on 14 December 1914 in Flint, Michigan (she was born at Hurley Hospital which is also where her three children were born). Anna was the third of four children born to Roland and Isabelle (Richardson) Adair, although the youngest died shortly after birth.

Anna when young:

Anna Adair
                when young 

Anna lived on Oak Street in Flint until she was five years old (which is when her mother died at the age of 34).

Anna on lap of her mother, "Belle", with Anna's sister, Margaret, and Belle's sister, Mary (Richardson) Burgess Ralph:

Belle and sister with Anna and

After her mother died Anna and her brother, Robert, and sister, Margaret, went to live with their grandparents, David and Margaret (Davidson) Richardson, a few blocks away on Seventh Street. Note that Anna's parents had separated prior to Belle's death.

Anna (front) with brother, Robert; sister, Margaret; and their aunt, Mary, in their Oak Street home:

Anna with Robert and Margaret and
                their aunt, Mary

They lived on 7th Street until their grandmother died in 1932 (Anna was a senior at Central High School in Flint at the time).

Below is their grandmother (Margaret Davidson Richardson) at her 7th St. home about 1910 and again with her grandchildren, Anna and Robert: 

Seventh Street in Flint

Anna and
                brother Robert with grandmother

After her grandmother died Anna and her grandfather went to live with Anna's aunt and uncle, Jack and Mary (Richardson) Burgess, at 2017 Davison Road in Flint. This was the Davison Rd. home in 1923:

2017 Davison Rd, Flint

Anna married Edwin Raymond Tucker on 6 Aug 1939 in Flint. Ed worked at various grocery stores in the Flint area. Their three children (Mary, David, and Janet) were born at Hurley Hospital in Flint. They moved to Stanton, Mich., in 1950 where they raised their family. See Ed's page for more photos and information about where they lived and worked during their 50 years of married life. After Ed died in 1990 Anna moved to Rolling Hills Apartments (743 Rolling Hills Lane, Apt #1) in Lapeer. In August 1991 she moved in with her daughter and son-in-law, Janet and Tom Adams, at 1057 Baldwin Rd., Lapeer.

Anna with her three children (David, Mary in center, and Janet) in 2008:

Anna Adair
              Tucker and children

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