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Alice A. Herrig, 1867-1948

Alice Herring
              Adams Corl

Alice A. Herrig was born on 5 April 1867 in the state of New York. She was probably born in Oneida County where her older siblings were born, but by 1870 her family was living in Wayne County, N.Y. (she was listed as 3 years old on that census). Her obituary says she was born in 1868, perhaps based on a Family Record (below) which belonged to her and is in her handwriting. However, the "8" in 1868 appears to be written over a "7" and other records indicate 1867 is more accurate (for example, the 1900 census says she was born in April 1867; her son sent a postcard in 1911 referring to her "44th birthday"; and when she remarried in 1912 she was listed as 45 years old). Alice was the youngest of eight children born to Frederick and Margaret (Peters) Herrig/Herring (Alice's brother, Clinton, was consistent in spelling his last name as "Herring" but other family members alternate using "Herrig" or "Herring" depending on the record. Alice herself wrote "Alice Herrig Adams" on her Family Record so this is the reason for spelling her name Herrig):

Alice Herrig Adams family record

According to her obituary Alice came to Michigan with her parents in 1871 when she was about four years old. They settled on a farm north of Sheridan, Montcalm Co., and she lived most of her life in that area. She married Myron C. Adams on 25 September 1884 at McBride, Montcalm Co., when she was 17 years old (date and place of marriage is from their divorce record). Myron and Alice had eight children - see above Family Record (apparently one was stillborn and not named). Only five of her children lived to adulthood and only one of them, Elmer, survived Alice when she died in 1948. Alice and Myron had separated by 1910 and she remarried to James K. Corl on 21 September 1912 at Stanton, Montcalm Co. (despite her obituary Myron was still living when Alice remarried - he died in 1913). James was the son of Giles Corl and Sharlotte Butler and was born in the state of New York on 4 Mar 1845. He was 22 years older than Alice and was a veteran of the Civil War having served in Co. F, 185th N.Y. Infantry Regiment, from 1864 to 1865 (Alice applied for a pension based on his military service). James was previously married but had no children. They were living in the village of Sheridan during the 1920 census. He died on 25 Nov 1925 in Montcalm Co. Below is a photo of Alice and James Corl, and below that is a photo of Alice with two of her grandchildren, Ellen and Gary Adams, taken about 1941:

Alice Herrig Adams Corl and James
                  K. Corl

Alice Herrig Corl with
                      Ellen and Gary Adams about 1941

During the 1930 census Alice was living with her older sister, Clara (Herring) Coles, in Sheridan. According to her obituary Alice moved to Evart only a few years before she died (she was living with LeRoy Fowler there at the time of her death). However, she was also living in Evart in 1910 with her children (which is when Myron and Alice separated). Alice died at Evart on 16 February 1948 at the age of 80. She was buried in Sheridan Cemetery where her second husband was also buried (below) although there is no tombstone for Alice.

Tombstone of James K. Corl in Sheridan

Obituary of Alice Herrig Adams

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