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Adelia Augusta (Williams) Tucker, 1862-1938

              Augusta Williams Tucker, 1862-1938

Adelia Augusta Williams was born on 23 September 1862 in Washington Twp., Sanilac Co., Michigan. She was the second of three children born to Samuel and Mildred (Rockwood) Williams. Adelia was less than two years old when her father enlisted in the 10th Michigan Infantry for service in the Civil War at Lexington in Sanilac Co. He was discharged in July 1865 and in September 1866 he drowned while fishing in Lake Huron. During the 1870 census "Delia" was living with her aunt, Sophia (Rockwood) Hibner, in Washington Twp., while Adelia's mother; Adelia's older sister, Elizabeth; and Adelia's younger brother, James, were living nearby in Verona Twp., Huron Co., along with two of Adelia's uncles, James and Steven Rockwood. Sometime during the 1870's Adelia's family moved to Alpena Co., Michigan, which is where she married Adelbert Tucker on 14 October 1880 in Long Rapids Twp.

Between 1881 and 1902 Adelia and Adelbert had eight children who lived to adulthood (plus they had eight other children who died at birth or very young according to their daughter, Gladys). In addition to their biological children (Charles, Alice, James, William, John, Gladys, Richard, and Mary) they adopted Ruth in 1919. Ruth's mother died during childbirth. Ruth reportedly weighed only about a pound at birth and was not expected to live. She was placed in the woodshed to die, but when Adelia heard her cry she scooped her up and took her home. Note that Ruth's middle name was Burton to honor of Adelbert and Adelia's son, Richard Burton Tucker, who died the year before during WWI.

Below is a photo of Adelbert and Adelia probably around 1910:

                  Tucker and Adelia Williams Tucker 

As mentioned in Adelbert's biography Adelia had severe vision problems, and the following letter written by Adelia to her daughter Gladys in October 1917 mentions the problem with her "iys":

Page one of letter written by
                  Adelia Williams Tucker in 1917

Page 2 of
                  letter written by Adelia Williams Tucker

Page 3 of
                  letter by Adelia Williams Tucker

Page 4 of
                  letter by Adelia Williams Tucker

On page 4 Adelia refers to her "darling boy" - Richard who was serving in WWI and died there in 1918. Below is a photo from about 1917 of four of Adelia and Adelbert's five sons (L to R) Richard, John, Bill, and Jim):

sons of
                  Adelia Williams Tucker

Adelia died on 13 June 1938 in Long Rapids, Michigan.

                  Williams Tucker obituary

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