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Addie Adelphia Greenhoe, 1861-1950

              Greenhoe Eitterman about 1877

Addie Adelphia Greenhoe was born on 19 October 1861 in Ohio (although her obituary reports she was born in 1859, all census records from 1870 through 1930 indicate she was born in 1861, plus she is not listed in the 1860 census - her parents were living in Florence Twp., Erie Co., Ohio in 1860 so this is probably where she was born). Addie was the eleventh of twelve children born to Henry and Hannah (Wise) Greenhoe. According to her obituary she came to Michigan at three years of age in a covered wagon and settled on a farm east of Sheridan in Evergreen Twp., Montcalm County. Below is a photo believed to be that of Addie as a young girl (this is from a tintype with no writing on it):

                Greenhoe Eitterman about 1866

On 28 April 1878 at Sheridan she married George Eitterman, son of John Ettiman and Roby Randall. The following photo is again a tintype with no writing on it, but it is believed to be Addie, George, and their first child, Jennie, who was born in 1879:

Addie and
                George Eitterman about 1880

Addie and George had nine children between 1879 and 1901 but only four lived to adulthood (see biography of their daughter, Rhoda, for a photo taken in the early 1900's of George and Addie and those four children). George and Addie lived on a farm north and east of Sheridan on Holland Lake Rd. The following photo is Addie when she was about 50 years old:

Addie Greenhoe Eitterman
                    about 1910

The following photo of George and Addie and their children (J.P., Rhoda, Addie, and Madia) was taken about 1922. George and Addie are seated and standing (left to right) are Madia and her husband, Howard; Maurice and Rhoda; J.P. and Emma; Russell and Addie. In front are Rhoda's children: Nina, Raymond (with Dail on his lap) and George.

                    Eitterman and family about 1922

George died in 1925 and Addie continued to live on their farm on Holland Lake Rd. The following photo is from about 1940 with her nephew, Donald Etiman, and her granddaughter, Dorothy Philips Emelander. Below that are photos of Addie in front of her home. She died at the home of her daughter, Addie, on 27 March 1950 in Ionia, Mich.

                    Eitterman with Donald Ettiman and Dorothy Emelander

                    Greenhoe Eitterman in front of her home

                    Greenhoe Eitterman when older

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